Foster owns RC Foster Truck Sales, located in the 1200 block of Troy Avenue. The business appears to be the latest victim in a rash of truck battery thefts on Indy’s south and southwest sides.

Last week, Indianapolis police released a surveillance image of suspects in several thefts near I-465 and the Sam Jones Expressway in February.
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Around that same time, 24 batteries were stolen from another trucking lot near Troy Avenue and Bluff Road – just a few blocks from Foster’s business.
Weeks later, it was Foster’s lot that was hit. But it wasn’t his first time.
“As fast as we put the batteries back in … I mean, they’re stealing batteries, they’re stealing tires. It doesn’t matter,” he said.

  • Don’t let this happen to you
    BTL started out as a small trucking company in Dallas Metroplex, after a nice spring weekend, we returned to work to find all 12 of our trucks had the batteries stolen. It took 3 hours, at a cost of $4,500 to replace the batteries costing our company not only lost time, we also lost a customer due to the delay. .
  • Thieves steal 36 batteries in less than 20 minutes
    Big Truck Locks was our solution to a growing problem all over the US. As the last lead smelter In the US closes. Thieves are finding it profitable to steal batteries and scraping them for cash. 36 batteries only net a thieve around $252.00 but cost the trucking companies thousands.

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