Security Battery Locks

How to prevent theft and secure your batteries

Theft is a crime of opportunity. If you do not take precautions to protect your property, you increase  the risk that it could be stolen. Theft is the most difficult crime for any Law Enforcement Dept to stop but it’s almost impossible to prevent. Battery theft is one of the lastest  growing problems throughout the U.S and Canada. We are asked daily “How can I lock up the  batteries on our trucks and construction equipment?” As a small logistics company, we had our batteries stolen and we looked online for the solution, nothing at the time was available.We are now the only company that offers anti-theft battery lock. This is the best solution to prevent thieves from stealing your batteries.

Your batteries are extremely essential for-a”good start” to your day. Imagine trying to start your truck only to find your batteries stolen. Your entire business and livelihood have come to a complete  stop . Many of us have experienced the effects of this first hand with hours of downtime / repairs, high cost for replacement batteries  and the delay of  time sensitive orders/shipments risking the  loss of  both customers and contracts.

Whether you have one battery or four, our locks will protect your batteries at a fraction of the cost to replacing them. Let us secure a goad start to your day.


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A "good start" to your day

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